Apr 2014 12

This is the next big thing.  Bigger than anything that’s ever been big before.  Seriously, big stuff here.  Take a listen to their sound, and we challenge you to find anything better.   Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll…

Managing Expectations
Apr 2014 02

One of the hardest parts of the job is explaining to musicians what is and what is not possible.  Every artist we work with thinks their record is going to be the next Sgt. Pepper or Nevermind or Kind of Blue.  Often there’s the expectation that because they’re hiring a professional, things are magically going to happen when they haven’t before.  Sometimes that’s true.  Regardless, it becomes necessary to manage the client’s expectations.  That way they understand both how things work and why.  Here then are the biggest misconceptions and misunderstandings that tend to arise:   [READ MORE]

Feeding the Beast
Feb 2014 28

One of the biggest questions we get at D.I.-Why is:  What should I post on Facebook?  While most people have no problems posting cat videos and pictures of their lunch, for musicians it’s a bit trickier.  Rather than just sharing your killer pastrami sandwich with the world, you’re all about trying to engage a fanbase and motivate them to do something.  Maybe come to a show, buy a disc, watch a video, and perhaps share your amazing content with their friends, who’ll share it with their friends, and cause a tidal wave of virality to head your way.

In all the time you spend thinking about what to post, there’s a bigger problem in front of you:  feeding the beast. [READ MORE]

How Do You Stack Up? from D.I.-Why on Vimeo.

Jul 2013 23
The $10,000 Problem
Jun 2013 18

You’ve got a bunch of sweet tracks recorded.  You can’t wait for the world to hear ‘em.  What’re you going to do to make people notice?  Well, obviously you’re going to make a super-expensive video, because you’ve heard that YouTube is where people are finding cool music these days.  And you’ve heard people ramble on about making things go viral.

So you mortgage the farm, sell the children into slavery, and spend oodles of cash making this amazing video.  It gets uploaded to YouTube and your friends think it’s awesome, but then … nothing.  Suddenly you’ve spent a ton of money to create this cool product and it doesn’t generate the bang you were looking for.  Even worse, you don’t have anything left to try a Plan B.  So what? Well … [READ MORE]