What is D.I.-Why?

Ever noticed that everybody’s got something to sell you?   Just buy THIS and you’ll sell a million records!   If you use THAT, you’ll get a kajillion fans!  And by the way, you need to spend thousands of dollars on a totally tricked-out website.

Once you’re done buying stuff, it’s time to get yourself on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and you’ve got a blog, right?

It’s overwhelming. it’s what causes great music and great musicians to get frustrated and give up.

Our goal is to make things manageable.  We’ll help you create meaningful and measurable success.  You don’t have to do it yourself, and you don’t need to hire some pricy marketing consultants to make your ideas go viral and build buzz.

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  • “Scott Feldman was a pleasure to work with over the last five years. He has a keen ability to navigate the often rocky waters of equitable partnerships and does so with a welcomed sense of humor.”

    James Kenly (Founder, Horizons Management)
  • "You rock!"

    Ted Cohen (TAG Strategic)
  • “Scott is competent and confident and best of all he will help make what feels completely overwhelming easier for you to manage..."

    Ariel Hyatt (Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR)
  • “We were fortunate to work with Scott across a nationwide tour of events, where he always went the extra mile to deliver the most value for everyone involved. From showing up at event after event to being available 24/7 to discuss and implement new ideas, Scott truly understands what it takes for a successful partnership.”

    David Roemer (Campus Movie Fest)
  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Scott on several campaigns for The John Lennon Songwriting Contest and The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. His ability to effectively communicate ideas and execute them with the utmost professionalism allowed for a great working relationship."

    Leon Lyazidi (John Lennon Songwriting Contest)
  • “Your take on online presence and marketing was logical, to the point, and most of all… useful and applicable.”

    Nicholas Adam Owens (SGA President, Berklee College of Music)

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