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D.I.-Why Invades NYC with A2IM

posted on June 29th 2011 in Events & Thoughts with 0 Comments


Recently my fellow D.I.-Why interns and I accompanied Scott on his trip to New York City to be a part of this years A2IM Tech Day event. It was two busy days of meeting other A2IM members, networking, eating at Katz’s Deli, and of course staying at our friend Ethan Hawkes’ place.

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To Filter or Not To Filter (Pt 1)

posted on May 16th 2011 in Blog & Thoughts with 0 Comments


In the old days, the major labels were the main filters. A&R guys didn’t sign everybody, and you had the label dollars feeding radio (some payola, some not … ) to get spins. That’s not to say radio was in cahoots with the major labels, but let’s just say there was a strong relationship between the two parties. Program directors in radio had huge power to make/break an artist, and there’re countless stories of who played which band first in the U.S. DJs and radio stations had finely honed styles and identities that allowed listeners to trust their programming choices. The filter was (for the most part…) successful. But, of course, times have changed…

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