What should musicians pay for?
Nov 2010 11

The big news perking through the indie music world is that Bandcamp will start charging musicians to provide free downloads. When you read a bit deeper, the company needs to cover the costs associated with providing a fully featured free toolset that was developed and adopted by a massive userbase. In other words, “oh shit, we’re successful — now what?!” [READ MORE]

Burnt Sienna
Nov 2010 14

This site (and this company!) are fairly new.  In the process of putting the site together, I realized what a struggle it is to come up with the right colors and design. As a little kid, I was mystified by the huge box of Crayola crayons — the 96 colors with the built in crayon sharpener — and how you could have “red-orange” and “orange-red” in the same box and they were TWO different colors??!? [READ MORE]

Giving Thanks
Nov 2010 25

It’s Thanksgiving.  Today’s the day where we watch football, eat turkey, and hopefully remember to give thanks for whatever it is we’re actually thankful for.  Most people accomplish 2 out of 3, but this year I’m going for the hat trick.  Specifically, this year I’m thankful for Fran Lebowitz. [READ MORE]

Time vs Money
Dec 2010 17

An inch of water, a panicked dog, and slowly thawing frozen peas later … I realized that I needed help. Since I was already in a bit too deep, I called a musician to help. Most people would’ve called a plumber, but at 2 AM, who’s gonna answer the phone — a musician or a plumber?

You need fans!
Dec 2010 29

When you get to year’s end, all kinds of lists appear.  The best XXX of 2010, the 10 most interesting people, 25 companies to watch, and so on.  It made me realize just how many companies are ready and willing to come between you and your money — all in the name of making you famous/rich/gangsta/whatever. [READ MORE]