Nothing to say?
Nov 2010 30

A while back, a potential client called.  She wanted to know how I could help her market and promote her music.  I took a quick look at her website and noticed that she only had one song posted and her last blog post was from October 2008.  While it was a very pretty website, I got through her content in about half a minute.  After that, there’s just nothing else there.  And yet this artist was immensely talented, dazzlingly creative, and quite verbose [READ MORE]

What they want…
Dec 2010 06

My afternoon was spent developing a client’s fan-funding campaign.  He’s part of a band that’s about to start an east coast tour.  The plan was to raise funds to help cover touring costs.  All well and good, but after coming up with a rough goal, he said the following, “if we figure out what we actually need for the tour…and keep it focused on the tour…people can always keep donating.”

I stopped him right there.  He was thinking like a musician. [READ MORE]

Time vs Money
Dec 2010 17

An inch of water, a panicked dog, and slowly thawing frozen peas later … I realized that I needed help. Since I was already in a bit too deep, I called a musician to help. Most people would’ve called a plumber, but at 2 AM, who’s gonna answer the phone — a musician or a plumber?

You need fans!
Dec 2010 29

When you get to year’s end, all kinds of lists appear.  The best XXX of 2010, the 10 most interesting people, 25 companies to watch, and so on.  It made me realize just how many companies are ready and willing to come between you and your money — all in the name of making you famous/rich/gangsta/whatever. [READ MORE]

Success isn’t (always) sexy
Feb 2011 25

Going back to YouTube, it’s the same thing. 20k views of your latest video and no sales to show for it? No uptick in site traffic? Billboard not beating down your door? Why not? You’re a YouTube Sensation!!! Oh wait, maybe it’s time to rethink the approach and focus on the efforts yielding a definitive return.