It’s Gotta Please You

posted on January 2nd 2013 in Tips with 0 Comments

It’s 2013 now.  We’re compelled by marketing law to do one of those New Year style blog posts.  If we don’t, we’re going to end up in marketing hell — which incidentally is filled with clip art and Groupon deals for pottery classes and auto detailing.  So without any hype and blinking lights, here’s our big advice for 2013:

It’s Gotta Please You

Not profound enough?  Too bad.  Are you gonna take this advice?  Probably not.  Should you?  Yeah, you really should.  See, here’s what happens with a lot of the bands we’ve come across.  They’ve got a decent idea, but they never take it to the point of delivery and execution where they’re really happy with it.  Things like “well, it’s good enough” or “if we had a bigger budget” start to creep into the conversation.  Suddenly it’s about compromise.  As a result, you’re not truly pleased by what you’ve done.  You have no idea how hard that makes marketing and promotion …

Don’t do that.  Don’t even think about doing that!   If you’re not excited, it shows.

Make music that pleases you.  Your own level of excitement and satisfaction is the single best promotional tool.  Confidence and pride shines through in everything when you really believe in what you’re doing.

Remember:  You are your own best critic.  You know when you’ve done your best work.