Musician Pricing

D.I.-Why Introduces Musician Pricing

Let’s say you want a thoroughly slick website.  You walk into a design shop and they tell you it’s gonna cost a whole lot of money you don’t have right now.  You end up with something that you can pay for, never like, and can’t afford to replace.

Fame, that fickle temptress, eludes you once again.

D.I.-Why understands that quality websites are critical for a musician’s online presence.  That’s why we’re offering payment plans.  Say your website is gonna cost $3,000, but you don’t have that much to pay.  No problem!  We’ll gladly set up monthly payments for you.  The work will get done in the normal timeframe, but you can afford to do exactly what you want without having to sell a kidney or pawn your B3.

How it works:

1.  Click “Let’s Get Started” (below) and let us know what you need.
2.  We’ll come up with a list of what needs to be done and a cost estimate.
3.  Once we’re in agreement, we can split that cost into a maximum of -5- payments.

What else you need to know:

1.  This doesn’t include the cost of web hosting, domain purchases, or 3rd party providers (like Topspin, etc.).
2.  Payment plans cost 5% more than paying upfront.
3.  If you fail to make a monthly payment, we reserve the right to take down our contributions and talk trash about you to anyone that’ll listen.
4.  You’ll need to have a valid credit card on file that will get charged on a specific date each month.