Social Media

In the olden daze, a full page ad in Rolling Stone guaranteed a few thousand sales.  If that wasn’t enough, you put up a few billboards and got some snazzy end-cap space at your local Tower Records.   These days, a full page ad in Rolling Stone costs around $175,000 — and it’s no guarantee of anything.

As the Internet becomes the dominant source of recommendation, it makes sense to engage with your fans, promote your music, and stake out your space on the web.

D.I.-Why? creates custom social media programs designed to  meet the needs of emerging artists.   We can focus on Twitter, Facebook, and/or YouTube and help you target followers, gain views, and raise awareness.

Each campaign runs for one month and includes full reporting and training on best practices for social media.


We’ll work with you to create a Facebook fan page that attracts fans, showcases your music, and is easily managed and updated.  We’ll also help manage and develop Facebook ad campaigns to help increase reach and define your audience.



What started as a way to share internal news and info has become a social media giant!  Users flock to Twitter to gain access into what the daily lives of their favorite artists, friends, and companies.  Maintaining a presence on Twitter can be both beneficial and profitable.  We’ll teach you about how to use Twitter, help manage your account, and show you the best ways to target potential fans and followers.



YouTube is rapidly becoming the dominant destination for online music discovery.  Having a strong YouTube profile and presence definitely helps overall sales and exposure for your music.  We’ll work with you to design your page, get your content uploaded, and help you understand how it all works.