Panic in Detroit

It happened again. You let the drummer’s girlfriend manage your website, and now they’ve broken up. Suddenly your website is gone, and your drummer is crying into his highhat.

In partnership with our friends at Topspin, we’ll get you a new website in record time for only $500. But wait (he said in TV salesman voice), there’s more! We’ll include your first month of Topspin’s direct-to-fan platform, so you’re ready for (massive) success.

Here’s what you get:

  • Your very own customized WordPress site!
  • Topspin account integration (online store, streaming audio player, track4email widget)
  • One hour of one-on-one WordPress/Topspin help from D.I.-Why
  • An amazing sense of inner calm


If you’re getting ready to head out on tour, into the studio, out to lunch, or just down the street — this is an offer you can’t refuse! Sorry, we’re still using our TV salesman voice…

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  • Does not include anything to do with David Bowie unless you’re in a David Bowie Tribute Band.  If you are, that totally rocks …
  • Does not include 3rd party subscription fees or hosting fees other than your first (included) month of Topspin’s direct-to-fan platform.
  • Payment is due up front before any work begins.
  • Does not include any social media work, paid advertising, or custom coding/development beyond the basic scope of setting up the WordPress CMS.
  • Got questions?  Read The Fine Print first, then talk to us if you’ve still got a question…