It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.  Fortunately, we know a lot of people.
Here’re some companies we’re proud to be friends with…


Ariel Publicity

Ariel Publicity is a Digital PR Firm and an educational experience wrapped up in one. Learn how to use social media and online tactics to attract more PR, build your fan base, and earn more money with your music.

Ariel’s book Music Success in Nine Weeks, our Cyber PR CampaignsReview You: Guaranteed CD Reviews are available to you now.


We make it easy for musicians of all levels to drastically increase their exposure and ultimately increase their revenue. Unlike our competitors, we make marketing music online affordable, and we’ve created a method that guarantees fantastic results.

We find that musicians don’t really have the time for games or gimmicks, and our result driven programs are what keep musicians at all stages in their career continuing to use HypeGenius.


Nimbit is the industry’s premier direct-to-fan platform for today’s music business.  Nimbit provides the easiest solution for self-managed artists, managers, and emerging labels to take your music direct to the fans that love you, and to give fans more ways to support your career.

From our CEO down, nearly every employee of Nimbit is also a musician. We understand your needs, and it’s our passion to help you take care of the hard stuff so you can focus on what’s important: your music and your fans.

Specialized Mastering

Welcome to the place where your next audio project becomes a sonic masterwork. Our east coast and west coast studios are equipped with the best available EQs and limiters with a decidedly analog bent.  Mastering here is about getting a fresh ear, the best gear, and a proper room to  finish the recorded sound. Great tools and skill are not enough. Our 12 plus years experience are at your service, as a sounding board for your project.

Topspin Media

Topspin builds professional direct-to-fan marketing and retail software. Our software has helped artists in the world of music and film build awareness, connect with fans, and earn more revenue than traditional channels. We are located in San Francisco with offices in Santa Monica, Nashville, New York, and London.

Founded by Peter Gotcher and Shamal Ranasinghe, and helmed by Ian Rogers, the Topspin team is a collective of technology and marketing professionals. We’re passionate about the business of music, we’re musicians and DJs, and we’re laser focused on building marketing tools for artists and their partners – tools we use ourselves.