The D.I.-Why Seal of Approval

posted on June 4th 2012 in Thoughts & Tips with 0 Comments

Last week we sent out our newsletter.  While that’s nothing out of the ordinary, the response we got was.  This was the single highest open-rate we’ve gotten from any newsletter ever.  But in this newsletter, we weren’t tooting our own horn.  We weren’t shouting about some great deal on web design or social media campaigns. This time we were simply sharing some “great people doing exceptional things.” 

According to the folks at MailChimp (we love them…), our open rate was 16.4% higher than the industry average.  That’s awesome — especially since we were spreading good news.

Musicians can be a very “me me me” type bunch.  Listen to MY music!  Buy MY album!  Come to MY show!  It’s refreshing to be able to talk about simply great stuff, and we’re willing to bet your fans would appreciate it too.

Try it.  Let us know …