posted on January 20th 2016 in Blog & Tips with 0 Comments

Over the last month or two, we’ve gotten a surprising number of frantic calls from clients.  My website has been hacked!  Something’s totally weird on my mobile site!   What happened to my Wikipedia page?

Here’s the deal:  Wherever you have an online presence, it’s gotta be checked regularly.

WordPress is well known for releasing tons of updates to their platform.  If you don’t run those updates, they’ll eventually launch automatically.  When you have an older WordPress theme running, or a plugin that suddenly isn’t compatible, your site can crash.

Similarly, check your band’s Facebook page consistently.  If a fan leaves a cool comment, and you don’t catch it for a month, that’s not cool.  Similarly, make sure your band’s gigs are listed.  Be certain that you don’t have the old drummer still on there.

Have you tweeted recently?  Even if it’s just your Facebook posts being re-broadcast, at least make sure there’s something going out.  Also, check and see if you have new followers.  Thank them in a tweet!

Some of these tips may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget.   Not to worry, we’re here if you need help!


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